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PROJECT process

The amazing thing about Mango Rock "faux" rocks is they can be placed almost anywhere. We have the ability to:

  • Create and construct a display to your requirements and specifications.

  • Incorporate design elements with your display: logos, water falls, spot lights, landscaping, zoo animals, etc.

  • Match existing color pallet and schemes.

  • Geographic and industry exclusivity available.

  • Product is Virtually indestructible, samples available upon request, works with a variety of materials.

  • Hard copy of presentation available upon request.

  • Build off site many of the structures, this saves down time for exhibits.

  • We also alter and repair a lot of existing structures, this save money as well give the project a new look or a face lift.

We can build from foundation and up onsite, or construct prefab portions in warehouse and then install onsite.

Special Projects

special PROJECTs

Through the years Mango Rock has been showcased in various "out of the box" venues. From trade shows to TV shows, we are ready to bring your project to life.

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